Saturday, June 28, 2014

Should I Hire A Lawyer to Fight a Traffic Ticket

A question I get, as an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney, from people who have received traffic tickets for such traffic infraction as speeding, no seat belt, no motorcycle endorsement, failure to wear corrective lenses ... is: Should I hire a lawyer to help me with my traffic ticket?

While it does cost to hire a lawyer, what an experienced Minneapolis Traffic Ticket Attorney can save you in fines, fees, court costs, time and especially car insurance premiums, will normally far exceed the up-front cost of an attorney. 

Often, no one, including the prosecutors, wants to see your insurance rates go up, but to take advantage of the various methods to keep your costs down (including insurance points and costs), you often are required to get professional help to get a deal which keeps an infraction off of your record. 
So, before you just pay the ticket because you're guilty ...    think about saving yourself the lengthy, costly, and oftentimes ongoing hassle of increased court costs, fees, fines, and insurance costs/points by hiring an attorney. 
Call the Rolloff Law Office --- we will ask you all of the appropriate questions, run your driving record, and negotiate with the District Attorney to figure out the best method of handling your ticket, which can (and often does) save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run.  
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  1. I never thought about fighting a ticket, but you bring up some good points. I really hate it when my insurance rates go up, and it might save me money to contest the ticket. I really should do this next time I have some sort of ticket.

  2. I have never tried to fight a traffic ticket before, but I have heard of some people who do. Every time that I have heard of someone who does try to fight it, it usually goes well for them. If it is pretty clear that you should not have gotten the ticket, and the ticket is large enough, I would think that it would definitely be worth it to try and get a lawyer to help you fight it.
    Keara Littner |

  3. I have never considered hiring a lawyer for a traffic ticket, but this really makes sense. It really depends on how much the ticket would cost, and how important it is to you to win the case. I still have a perfect driving record, and hope to never get pulled over.

  4. I had a clean driving record up until last week. I got a speeding ticket in an area that was unfamiliar to me. I didn't see a speed limit sign. I think that the ticket was unfair. I am wondering if I should get a lawyer for fighting this.
    Gary Puntman |

  5. I have been thinking about becoming a criminal lawyer. There has been quite a bit of crime where I live. I think there is a lot of opportunity for a criminal lawyer in Boston.

  6. I tried to fight my own ticket when I was just 17. That was a huge mistake. The judge looked at me like I was crazy. In the end, it didn't even help! I didn't get the charges reduced or anything. I hope I never get another ticket, but if I do I will not make that mistake again. This article has convinced me that it's worth it to get a good lawyer, even if it's just for a ticket. Thanks!