Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why Expunge Your Record

Clients frequently ask me about how they can clean up their criminal records. I have assisted clients in expunging their records with much success. The number one reason why clients want to seal/expunge their record is to upgrade their employment. Having a criminal record can make applying for a job difficult. In this competitive economy, perspective employers are performing background checks on applicants more than ever before. Some surveys indicate that more than 70% of employers are performing these background checks, which can cause someone to lose opportunities if they have accumulated a criminal record.  This is why you should talk to an experienced Minnesota Expungement Attorney.  

Expungement is the best way to clean up your record. Once a criminal record has been expunged, a person may become eligible for enhanced employment, student loans, housing assistance, and professional licenses. Cleaning up your record can also remove mention of arrests, dismissals, and other entries in the criminal history database. In short, you get a clean slate.

If you have a criminal record, and would like a clean slate, you should contact the Rolloff Law Office and get more information about when and how to get an Expungement.  Call (612) 234-1165

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