Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Keep a Speeding Ticket Off of Your Record

I get it --- If you can --- keep speeding tickets (heck - ANY tickets) off of your driving record, right?  Why? ... Well, we all know that your insurance company will use them as an excuse to send your rates through the roof. 

How to Keep a Ticket Off of Your Record

In Minnesota, there are a couple of different ways to do this ... with or without an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney.  

The easiest is to request court supervision. Some Minnesota courts may allow you to use this option.  This means negotiating a resolution whereby --- as long as you get no new tickets the conviction won't show up on your record. In order to do this, you must do three things: (1) obtain an agreement from the DA, (2) pay the "fine" they assess, and (3) make sure that you get no new tickets of a same or similar nature.

The other way of "beating" a Minnesota Traffic Ticket is far less reliable: pleading guilty and trying to defend yourself against the charge. If you try to do this, it's important to make sure you have a valid defense-otherwise, you are wasting your breath. To help motorists examine the strength of their defensive strategy, the court's even provide a list of defense that will not be accepted:
  • "The sun was in my eyes."
  • "I was keeping up with the flow of traffic."
  • "My speedometer was broken."
  • "I did not see the sign." (Unacceptable unless the sign was not placed in accordance with state standards.)
  • "I was unfamiliar with the neighborhood and was lost." 

In fact, if you choose to plead innocent, you may be better of using the services of a Minnesota Traffic Ticket Lawyer. Such a person is much better prepared to argue your case than you could ever be. Lawyers know which defenses are likely the work and which won’t, and they have a better knowledge of the ins and outs of the court system than most people do. 

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