Sunday, January 20, 2013

Minnesota Theft Crimes (Defined)

The State of Minnesota defines theft as the act of an individual --- intentionally taking another person's property for their own benefit. The common theme in Theft cases is that the offender knowingly commits the act and uses dishonesty and deceit in order to acquire, use or keep the possessions of another person. Enlist the services of an aggressive Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney if you have been charged with Theft so that a defense case geared to protect your rights and freedom can be initiated.  Because, not only could the accused be in trouble in court --- if you fail to properly address a Theft charge out of the shut ... it could harm you in the long-term, inducing when it comes to trying to get a job.  

Types of Theft

There are a variety of offenses of Theft crimes such as shoplifting, credit card and check fraud,burglary, robbery, identify theft, looting and others. Minnesota theft laws leave little room for light sentences in the event of a conviction, and those found guilty are often faced with penalties based on the value of the possessions. 

Theft crimes of less than $250, for example, warrant a misdemeanor charge. A gross misdemeanor is applied to theft crimes of $250 to $500, and any crimes involving items valued at over $500 are categorized as a felony. Penalties may vary according to the charge, but all convicted offenders will face jail or prison time in addition to serious fines, with the severity of penalty increasing with the severity of the crime.

Trusted Theft Crime Representation in Minnesota

The Rolloff Law Office is a dedicated criminal defense law firm that focuses on providing high-quality legal representation to clients who have been charged with a theft in the State of Minnesota.  I pride myself on the ability (honed while working as a former prosecutor) the ability to build compelling cases intended to establish reasonable doubt through diligent research, effective court representation and a tireless drive to explore every possible option in order to pursue the most favorable result. Call today to set up a FREE consultation: (612) 234-1165. 

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