Thursday, June 28, 2012

Minnesota Traffic Tickets (Explained)

In many instances, a traffic infraction will result in a ticket and a mark on your driving record. All to many individuals will simply pay the ticket and forget about the implications. However, the reality is that every traffic violation you commit can result in more than just a note on your driving record. You are also looking at higher insurance fees - on top of the fines and penalties. Additionally, traffic violations can add up to misdemeanor (and even gross misdemeanor) offenses. You may not only be looking at a poor driving record but also heavy fines, jail time, license revocation, vehicle impoundment and anger management classes.

As a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney, I'm asked on a daily basis about what to do about tickets.  Here are some ideas and suggestions:


Speed limit violations, speeding in a construction zone or school zone, reckless driving, erratic lane changes and "road rage" can all be classified as traffic violations. You will most likely be handed a ticket by the arresting officer. In some instances, you may be ordered to attend anger management courses or you may lose your license. It is possible to fight these charges, especially if the ticket was given on unjust grounds.


Hit and run violations can be classified as a felony offense in certain instances which is why it is imperative to seek legal counsel as soon as you are accused of being involved in a hit and run case. If you are accused of a hit and run, you are innocent until enough evidence has been collected to prove you are guilty.  (Beware - if you're found guilty you can have your license taken away.)


If your license has been revoked or suspended or if you are caught driving without adequate insurance, then you will most likely lose your license for even longer and be facing further penalties and fines. It is possible to fight back against these convictions with the right legal defense.  (Even if you're "guilty" - an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney can help negotiate an outcome that preserves your driving privilege.)

Honestly, traffic violation cases can be a huge pain in the neck --- because who among us can afford to lose our license or have our vehicle impounded due to a few outstanding traffic violation tickets? This is why it is so important to fight back against traffic violations before they negatively impact your finances and your transportation freedom.  The Rolloff Law Office handles all manner of traffic violation cases, both inside and outside the court, and can provide you and your family with the aggressive representation, dedicated legal assistance and a sound defense that will make all the difference to your case.  Call today to set up a FREE consultation: (612) 234-1165.


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  3. If the alleged infraction is serious and you believe you are innocent, hiring a lawyer to represent you may save you a great deal of money. Lawyers with experience in Minnesota traffic court matters may successfully argue that the citation was unwarranted. In the end, the only cost you pay is for the services of your legal representative.

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