Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Minnesota Traffic Tickets & Insurance (Explained)

The number one reason I hear - over and over again - when it comes to people seeking assistance with Minnesota Traffic Tickets is because they don't want it to impact their insurance premiums. 

Well, believe it or not ... your insurance company is thinking the same thing --- if a recent call I had with an insurance agent is any indication. 

The Call

I often tell individuals I've heard it all - and time after time I'm surprised.  The same goes for this recent call --- an insurance agent wanting to talk with a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney to help their clients to get out of their speeding tickets?

Here's what I learned ... the philosophy that this company takes toward their clients is truly one of partnership. People are required to have car insurance to drive, but this particular company doesn't feel like it is responsible to hold it's clients hostage for a minor traffic ticket, nor do they feel like it's good business to encourage their clients to hide their driving from them in hopes of keeping their premiums lower.This company, which specializes in low risk drivers, has found that their customers are more satisfied with their service and actually drive better knowing they can turn to their insurer if anything should happen.

After the Call

This whole interaction got me to thinking about what, exactly, a car insurance company should do for you. Are they in the business just to make money off of your premiums and then make it as difficult as possible for you if you ever get into an accident? Or, are they a trusted part of your team trusted to help you if and when the need arises? And, if it's the latter, is the best way to create that relationship by encouraging an open dialogue with the client?

Should You Tell Your Insurance Company About Your Traffic Ticket?

One thing I learned from this call was that not everyone should tell their insurance company about their speeding ticket. Some companies are required, as part of their policy, to flag your account for that. Most of those companies are nationally known (I don't know which ones specifically do that, I just know that some do). By calling them, you are setting yourself up for higher premiums, even after you hire a traffic attorney to beat your ticket.

All of the above being said, there is a lesson to be learned for all of us. The company I met with is locally owned and operated. They don't have thousands and thousands of employees. They aren't publicly traded. Making money is important to them, but it's not the only thing. There's something to be said for that. Remember that when you're looking around for help. Test out the local options. You might pay slightly more, but what you get in return could be well worth the price.

What Next?

This isn't an insurance company and I don't talk to your insurance companies about my client traffic tickets. But, like this insurance company, I value my relationships with them and I want to keep in touch with everyone of them during those times they need me - and when they don't.  If you want to know that your attorney has your best interest at heart - when your case is going on and after --- then call the Rolloff Law Office today - (612) 234-1165. And, if you need a kick-ass Minnesota Traffic Lawyer, call me --- I'll do whatever I can to beat your traffic ticket, saving you money on the fine and increased insurance premiums.


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