Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Minnesota DWI Costs (Explained)

The average cost for someone charged and convicted for a first-time Minnesota DWI has been estimated to be anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000.   Of those, legal fees for your Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney and fines are but a mere, obvious part.  The following is a list of the obvious and the not so obvious costs frequently associated with a Drunk Driving conviction.

Obvious Minnesota DWI Costs

  1.  Bail
  2.  Vehicle Towing and Storage
  3.  Court Filing Fees (License Revocation)
  4.  Driver’s License Reinstatement Fee
  5.  Chemical Dependency Assessments
  6.  Electronic Home/Alcohol Monitoring
  7.  DWI Education Classes
  8.  Chemical Dependency Treatment
  9.  Criminal Record (Permanent)

Not So Obvious Minnesota DWI Costs

  1.  Laboratory Analysis of Alternative Blood, Breath or Urine Testing
  2.  Expert Fees
  3.  Increased Insurance Premiums (Automotive and Health)
  4.  Alternative Transportation Costs
  5.  Income Loss
  6.  Employment Termination (especially for those with Professional or Pilot’s License)
  7.  Damage to Your Credit Rating
  8.  Exclusion from Foreign Countries, like Canada
  9.  Possible Loss of the Right to Possess a Firearm
  10.  Possible Loss of the Right to Vote
  11.  Delay or Denial of Citizenship

How to Mitigate Your Costs
Unfortunately I can’t offer you a list of every single cost associated with a Drunk Driving conviction.  Each case is unique - as it concerns the potential monetary and emotional consequences you could face involving your employment and family.  Let the Rolloff Law Office help you better understand the path your on and we can work to alleviate some of those concerns.  Call today - (612) 234-1165 to schedule a FREE initial consultation to discuss your situation.

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