Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Minnesota Shoplifting - Theft by Swindle (Explained)

Shoplifting, Theft and/or Theft by Swindle are criminal offenses that crosses age groups, socio-economic status and races. Often offenses of this nature constitute either a huge mistake or a significant lapse in judgement that you regret.  Additionally, there are those cases of mistaken intention - where the accused is completely innocent. Either way, to preserve your future (and your clean criminal record) you should talk to a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney to discuss how you can fight these charges and/or resolve them without adding a permanent stain on your record.  To those ends, I can help.  .

I say this because in this age of instant background checks being part of almost any employment, housing or bank loan process - a mark as small as a petty Shoplifting offense can utterly destroy your future.

Minnesota Law

Under Minnesota law, Theft offenses are quite varied. An individual may have been accused of walking out of a store without paying for something or he may be accused of deceiving someone for financial gain. As a former prosecutor, I'm quite familiar with the  "ins and outs" of our state's Theft statutes and as such I can work to ensure that you get the outcome you deserve.

This involves looking after your rights (making sure that they're protected at every stage of the process) and to pick apart the government's case so as to earn you the best possible results for you and your future.   on your day in court.

Need More Information?

There are a number of acts that constitute Theft under Minnesota law. Additionally, the level of charge (eg., petty misdemeanor, misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor or felony) your cited for depends on other complex factors including the value of the property or services alleged to have been stolen.  To be certain you know what you are up against when facing Minnesota Theft charges in court, call the Rolloff Law Office today - at (612) 234-1165 - to set up a FREE consultation.

I provide a thorough evaluation of your case and I'll inform you as to all of the possible defense options, and what you might expect to be the most likely outcome in your case.

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