Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Find a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney

There are many different ways that you can go about finding an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney.  Obviously, I'd be honored to speak to you about your case but the purpose of this article is designed to give you some insight into the places you might want to look for help.

The Internet is a Huge Resource

It is very hard to hide anything about a professional, such as a lawyer, in the internet these days.  If someone has done poor work there is probably an article, comment, or negative review out there that you can read in making your decision to hire a specific person.  Note, many times competitors will post fake comments in order to try to hurt their competition – use your common sense and judgment and do your research.

There are many sites out there that attempt to objectively rank lawyers against one another.  Sites such as,, are two examples that you might want to look at to get a better picture of your attorney.  It is important to know that on some of these sites lawyers can purchase their position on search results – so again, do your homework on the attorney you are considering hiring.

Ask the Criminal Attorney about His Experience
Experience is a completely subjective matter.  There are attorneys that have practiced law for twenty years, but never had a jury trial.  There are others that have practiced for three years and had over a hundred.  There are attorneys that focus specifically in one area of law, where others are more general.  Each has its advantages – a specialist, or an attorney that devotes their practice to a specific area might be better suited for complex litigation but a more general criminal defense attorney may have the flexibility necessary to completely handle your case.

When talking to the attorney ask them about the other attorneys you’ve spoken to.  An attorney that is confident in their own abilities will probably not speak poorly of another attorney – I know I never would.  As a practical matter I always recommend that my potential clients speak to as many attorneys as possible, because it is important to select a lawyer that you feel comfortable with – it is your life, freedom, and reputation on the line in criminal cases.

How to Get a Hold of Me
I would be honored if you spoke to me about becoming your Criminal Defense Attorney, give me a call at (612) 234-1165 and we can discuss your case today - for free.

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