Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Minnesota Assault/Domestic Assault Charges

If you're facing an Assault charge, the first thing you have to understand is that law enforcement is not your best ally and often they are not on the scene to help you.  Believe me, because it is not illegal for the police to lie to you in the midst of an investigation. Therefore, if you do talk to the police about any infraction - without an attorney present - you do so at your own peril.

What Should You Do if You're Being Investigated?

#1 - Do not talk to the police. Be polite and courteous, but refuse to discuss with law enforcement their investigation. If they persist, plainly and repeatedly tell them that you do not want to talk with them, that you want a lawyer present, and that you want to remain silent. Never allow yourself to be tricked or coerced by the police.

#2 - Don't talk to others.  Remember, anything you say about the case to anyone, including most family members, can be used against you in court. Many people I've met with, after complying with step #1, make the mistake of confiding in someone - only to later have those conversations come back to haunt them  Granted, if you've made such statements, they can be dealt with; however, if you have not - then don't.

#3 - Never agree to anything - without the advice of a lawyer. This means, never give law enforcement permission to search anywhere, draw your blood or discuss the case with you.

#4 - Never resist arrest. If an officer is seeking to arrest you, be polite and cooperative. Inform the officer that you will go along peacefully. It is also important to immediately inform the officer - or any officer who tries to question you - that you will not talk without an attorney present.

#5 - If you are arrested - tell the police that you wish to make a telephone call. It is essential that you get a lawyer involved in your case quickly. If you call family or friends have them contact an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney.

As an attorney for the government, I prosecuted dozen upon dozens of Assault and Domestic Assault cases.  Often, they were the most difficult files I handled.  Let me put my experience - working from the other side of the aisle - to work for you.  My insiders perspective has won my clients the results that they desire.,  Call the Rolloff Law Office today to set up a free, no obligation, consultation.

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