Monday, June 13, 2011

Domestic Assault - Explained

As criminal cases go, Domestic Assault is often the most difficult to deal with.  The accusations, which are can be easily made, are extremely serious and no matter the outcome of the case - life changing consequences are often the result. 

Domestic Assault charges are very powerful claims which affect everyone involved. The accused is often concerned with the stress of dealing with their criminal case - the possible betrayal by the loved one who's making the accusation - and the difficulty of working through the feelings of judgment from other individuals in their life.

Often, you feel as though you have no one is listening to you - and you have nowhere to turn. One right choice you can make is to reach out to an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney - because you need someone on your side, fighting for you, your rights and your future. 

What's Going to Happen?

A conviction for Domestic Assault can mean serious consequences including fines, jail time (or even prison for repeat offenders,) and certain programming - like anger management and chemical dependency treatment or other classes. In addition to any legal punishment the judge might impose, these charges and/or a conviction also come with a handful of collateral consequences that can affect the accused's parental rights, their iimmigration status, their right to own and possess firearms, their living situation and their jobs and employment possibilities.

With all of that on the line, don't you need someone working for you who understands the intense emotions surrounding these serious criminal charges?

Who Can Help?

I do my best to keep clients informed about all aspects of their cases and involve them in their defense. By looking into self-defense claims and witness credibility issues - along with employing powerful defense strategies, my aggressive representation will protect your rights if you have been charged with Domestic Assault.

If you have been charged with a crime of Domestic Violence - my advice is to contact an attorney immediately. An experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney can quickly begin to protect your rights and assure that your side of the story is heard.

Make sure your lawyer takes the time to listen to your point of view and fully understand your objectives.

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