Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear Potential Client...

I've been doing this long enough to know that someone who has been charged with a DWI and/or Drunk Driving has A LOT of questions.  Although no two cases are the same, the concerns by those that I represent are often quite similar.  As such, I thought I would take some time to offer a few thoughts on the three most frequently asked questions and/or concerns.  Hopefully, you'll not only better be better able to know what you need when you're considering hiring a Minnesota DWI Attorney - if you choose to retain The Rolloff Law Office, you'll know upfront what you're getting and what your money is going toward.

#1.  If You're Only Thinking About Price - You're Not Thinking Right

Believe it or not, the most expensive attorneys are not always the best attorneys.  However, when you only think about price - and you're dead set on going with the least expensive option - you often end up getting just what you pay for.  Understanding that, what's an individual to do?  

As a former prosecutor, I saw that too many defendants were overcharged and underserved by their lawyers.  That is why, when I set up my office, I looked at those things that were essential to defending my clients and I set my fees with that in mind. I like to say, I put my money where my heart was.  As such, if you visit my office, you're not going to see fancy pictures on the walls or fountains in the lobby - that stuff doesn't protect you or your family or your future.

That being said, I'm certaninly not the most expensive Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney out there - but I'm not the cheapest either. 

Here is something to consider - the legal services provided by an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney are not a commodity.  What one attorney does is unique to him or her - no two lawyers are the same.  Some are better than others, some actually answer the phone when you call and some actually take the time to explain what's going on with your case - and how that effects you.

Because we're not all the same - we all don't charge the same price. Like with professional atheletes, if you want a "Joe Mauer" you have to pay for that premium talent. But, that's not to say, you can't find a hardworking up and commer at a steal, who'll put his heart and soul into your case - and you'll know that your money was well spent. 

If you or someone you love has been charged with a Minnesota DWI and you're only considering the cheapest attorneys out there to help you - then you might not want to call me. But, that being said, if you want your hard earned money going entirely toward defending your future and your rights - with someone one who puts your questions, and your concerns 1st - then maybe we should talk.

Remember, a Drunk Driving conviction will be with you for a long time. In addition to the penealty imposed by the court, your driving privileges, employment opportunities, and ability to travel internatinally may also be impacted. In addition, there could be immigration and addional financial consequences to consider.  Therefore, when choosing an attorney to help you - focusing on the short term (ie., price) should not be your only consideration; you also need to consider the long term ramifications and how an attorney will assit you down the road.

#2 - I Can't Guarnetee That You'll Beat Your DWI Charge

Don't get me wrong, I believe that every DWI case can be won. But, because the government essentially holds all of the cards, and in their minds an arrest all but equals a conviction, victories don't come easy. What this often means is that, if you want to win your case - if you want to beat your DWI outright - you're probably going to have to dig in for the long hall and push the matter to trial (and even then, nothing is a given.)

I understand that time are tough, financially and otherwise.  The same goes for us Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorneys. For some, tough times, often call for desperate measures. 
Oh, the things I've heard about how other attorneys often try to get business - offering up any and everything to get a fee - by all but insuring that they will get their clients a NOT GULTY result.  Maybe they can back that up, but because my experience is that nothing in the law is certain, to me - it smacks of desperation.  And, the last thing someone facing all of the turmoil that often accompanys a DWI arrest needs is a representative who is desperate - who is only looking out for that next fee and who after getting their client's money does little in the way to have actually earned it.  Often, fee generation, and not what's best for their client is the number one motivator. This does not help you.

The reality of Drunk Driving defense work is that there is no such thing as a guarentee. Often the final result will depend on factors outside the control of even the best attorneys. Therefore, to get good results, you need a lawyer who will be willing to put in the time and effort to root out the weaknesses in your case - someone who'll put in the time and effort to get ytou the results you desire. 

It might sound corny, but I treat my clients like family - and like you, I'd do anything for my family.  But there are also those times, you need to "cut to the quick" and talk straight.  If you want someone by your side - figthing to get you the best possible result under the circumstance, and who'll tell you the truth no matter what - then maybe we should talk.  

3. Choose the Minnesota DWI Attorney Who Sent You that Mailer at Your Peril. 

There's a plan that Minnesota DWI Lawyers can buy into that daily checks out a county's arrest records and then sends out a letter to anyone who has been arrested for Drunk Driving.  These mailings usually try to scare the crap out of you - screaming that because of your arrest your life is ruined, telling you that you must act immediately to get help and asserting that (although they know nothing about the facts of your case) they can take care of evey aspect of your case and an unbelieveably low price.  

The lawyers that use this type of service arent bad guys, but I do question their tactics.  Fear, although a strong motivator, is not the best way to demonstrate the sort of care and compassion you need when facing this sort of dillema.  Also, I have an issue with the "low prices" often cited in these mailers. How can someone quote you a price without knowing a little something about your case, about your questions and about your concerns?  No two DWI cases are alike, therefore, how can someone - based on your arrest alone - know the things that are necessary to you and your case?  Somone who quotes you a price, without knowing anything about you and your case - in my humble opinion - is someone you should look out for - because odds are - they're not to keen about looking out for you.

Sure, lawyers need to advertise their services to be seen - to let people know what it is that they do. But if they are already playing to the lowest common denominators - before you even talk to them (price, fear, connections,) in my opinion, that's not a good sign.

If you or someone you care about is facing criminal charges, contact me, a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney and DWI Lawyer, to set up a free – no obligation - consultation.  Feel free to reach me in confidence at 612.234.1165 or

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